Reviews for "Zalad Fingerz 3"


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Nice movie you sure can draw. By the way I love the song NOW YOUR A MAN! That song is great.
Rap was also a nice touch to the movie at the robbery scene. Anyways I expect to see more from you in the future.

BTW. DAMN you look good! ;)

i love this shit.

you could possibly be a murdering psycho, but you rock anyway.


That was really funny, excpecially how the little guy has a water gun, lol. It would be neat to see some of your own charcters and not just a bunch of salad finger characters. Well I still hope to see more of these there fucking hilarious! Good job.


That was funny. But I think the second one was better.

sound suggestions for those who care

to fix the tin can sound-like quality in your flash, try insulating the room you record in with blankets or something soft to absorb all the reverb, then try speaking closer to the mic so it doesn't sound like you're speaking into it from across the room. That's only if you give a damn about audio in the first place. jest a lil fyi there guy