Reviews for "Zalad Fingerz 3"

Yes, I liked this

Indeed, this was a good piece of Flash. I won't criticise you for the graphics and animation because I really don't care about Copyright and all that bullshit. This made me laugh, I like your sense of humour even though it may just be a bit off the edge. Sound, now that's something to work on. It didn't really sound to good....there was alot of static. But, this almost made me fall off my chair laughing. I'm going to give you a Ten for the humour and your good work on this and I hope you will continue to make such Flash movies that make me laugh really hard.


I don't think I want to see the 4 flash...
But don't get me wrong,I love that you stand up for what you mean and think, but this has gone over the egde :S

the other 2 episodes are better

At times I can barely make out what he's saying...
You gotta love the little guy tho :)
Let's hope episode 4 is better

I like all these movies but...

I thought the funniest part was were it says "appropriate for all ages" hahah, maybe im just tired, i dunno, good job though, id like to know how you directly took those models too...

I thought this was funny...

Even though I'm also a fan of David Firth's Salad Fingers, it doesn't mean that Dobica isn't allowed to make fun of it. Hello? Doesn't anyone know what the Freedom of Speech is? So really, what's the big deal with all those people who are like "FUCK YOU" and blahblahblah? The guy can do whatever he wants, and I thought it was funny.
So Dobica, ignore the uptight assholes out there and just keep doin' your stuff. And by the way, the rap song that you used for this, what was the name of it?

Dobica responds:

Fight Music by D12