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Reviews for "Mortal Kombat : WWE"


Now this is an excellent idea for a game. WWE vs. Mortal Kombat? That would be a game worth playing in my book.

Funny as Hell

The Undertaker can take out any MK character.


dude, that was d-shznit, undertaker rules! the only thing that would make it better is you showing undertaker kickin the crap outa sub-zero, keep up the good work

we realy need WWE parodise!

WWE is the best.UNDERTAKER, DONT LET KHALI SCARE U, COME BACK MAN!!!Where is he, are the rumors true...you have to be a wwe fan to know what im talking about ,if not, u probable dont know what the @#%# im talking about!i hope the rumors arent true:(



ITS REALLY FUNNY!!!,Ive seen your Ric flair flash,simply stunning

but where can i find the WWF sprites?