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Reviews for "Mortal Kombat : WWE"

Very cool

Being a fan of both the Undertaker and Mortal Kombat, that was eye candy for me.


what the hell was that.it was ok and everything but for god sake make the next one longer.


Now tht i got ur attention thts was definantly not ur best piece o work... tht was pretty crappy if ya ask me BUT ill give u a 3 cuz i usally like ur work + it was moretal Kombat

[Maniacal Laughter] YES YES YES!!!

The Undertaker, Fuck YEAH!!!! Such a beautiful work of art. Great addition of Vince and JR thrown in the MK mix as well. Keep up the genius work!!!


dude, that was d-shznit, undertaker rules! the only thing that would make it better is you showing undertaker kickin the crap outa sub-zero, keep up the good work