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Reviews for "Ice Cap Final Act"


This is my 1st Ever Post greetz all dang man this Song leaves me speechless! Ice Cap FTW!!

LightKeeper responds:

All dang! I stole your words!
Glad you enjoyed it. :)


This is definately either the best or one of the best ice-cap remixes I've heard. It's just so beautiful and I can tell a lot of effort went into it. Well done. :)

LightKeeper responds:

Thanks, a lot of effort did go into this. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Very good

This is a very good remix, Ice cap zone is a good level, not to mention the music. Well done.

(one thing tho, i recomend slightly lower synthesing rythem)
Otherwise very good!!

LightKeeper responds:

You mean the bass or the square? The bass is kind of necessary to be up louder, as I'd even have like to have gotten it up more then where it is, but that wasn't possible. I'm working on adding more to this song though anyway for a submission at OCRemix, it probably won't be available here so look for it there, I'll see what I can do about the "synthesing rythem" there. Thanks for the review and critique.

Oh by the way, the OCRemix version will have a solo at the end, that just as to make you want it now. :P

very good

you made this so well that i could litterally picture sonic running in the cold and ending eggmans plot just at the last second, maybe sooner? idk, but great job.

LightKeeper responds:

Thanks for the compliment. Glad I was able to produce some imagery for you! :)

ahh dear sweet ice cap

one of the best easiest and my fastest levels ever played in a sonic game act 3 would have been an awesome add on so such a cool level and this song should be with it no doubt

LightKeeper responds:

Haha, thanks, I always enjoy the warm comments. It'd be so awesome to hear this song in a third act, I much agree.