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Reviews for "Ice Cap Final Act"


Better than the other two acts of IceCap. AWESOMEJOB!

LightKeeper responds:

Haha thanks


BEAST! I don't have to be telepathic to know that Sonic himself would put this in his next game!

LightKeeper responds:

No, you're NICE!

nice job

it was really well amde but i dotn hear the act 2 but who says relativity needs to exist. :) 10/10 5/5

anyway i think i ehard this on youtube and i dont think they gave credit so might wana check i out :|

LightKeeper responds:

I already checked it out on youtube and had the person who posted it credit me. :) Thanks though.

wow. just...wow

this is awesome

LightKeeper responds:

Thanks a lot man. You're awesome too! :)

congrats on 19th

but imo it shouldnt be that low a number... i am a big fan of the people that take time to make the sonic audio submissions as i used to love playing these games through school so i have to give u a thanks for letting me relive these very fond memories and obv its a 5/5 and 10 star rating from me

LightKeeper responds:

Well you can't change what the system chooses can you, and I know that at the time there were some better songs ahead of this one. Probably some that weren't. But hey, I'm glad I made it to 19 at least. It's a great feeling. Maybe if I get enough reviews flooding in and votes I can make it again and higher.

I'm always glad to let you relive the moments of those game sir, even if it's only 2 minutes and 23 seconds lived. :P Thanks for the high review and rating, I really appreciate it.