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Reviews for "Turquoise Hill (DnB remix)"

Don't call us bitches

At first I thought this was a new release, as it is Christmast time now. I am glad I managed to listen to this around the holiday season when you made it last year. I do not recall this Sonic music well, but it does kind of remind me of wintery times. My only complaint was that it did seem to just be the same thing over and over. It's hard for me to blame you for that, as a lot of audio stuff here is supposed to be like that anyway. I hope you had a merry Christmas last year and have a merry Christmas this year as well!

8-bit my ass

Those drums are too sexy to be 8-bit

I can see the loops now.

Man, sonic always had pretty cool music. Thanks for this one stan. Nostalgia strikes. I remember playing the old genisis games back in the day. Gah. I need to find a mac emulator.


sounds really good and kool with a K!!!!!
love ur drum n bass stuff dont change a thing ;)


awesome i love this song

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