Reviews for "Average Chick (Dress-Up)"


Wow, I never thought anyone else on this planet besides me listened to brand new.
Props my man!

EhFilms responds:

Your welcome!
By the way, it's "my woman".

Great Dress Up Game

I liked it, I agree with Speed_Cell.Maybe to improve it, more clothes(e.g hats, necklaces)But overall, i liked it.

nicely done

you probably do the best dress up's on newgrounds. this one is really nice for a bunch of reasons but mainly these: good items to choose from, nice options of music, and the chick was half bad either.

Good & Easy

Honestly I liked Summer Flirt more--her sitting pose looked more natural and relaxed and IMHO she was more visually appealing--still you did a fine job corralling all the clutter so that's a bonus. Looks like you've not submitted anything in a few years, I hope that doesn't mean you've given it up? It's refreshing to have works produced from a female perspective.

I think its kind of sad

that you don't seem to make anymore flash for on here since you do such a great job. I really like your dress up games since they are nice and simple.