Reviews for "Average Chick (Dress-Up)"


very good...
nice animation

Work of art

Note to creator: Make more of these masterpieces!

A glowing review of Average Chick

Absoloutly lovely! I love the selection of clothes and how it isn't crowded like most dress ups. Also, the variety of hairstyles is great. Keep it up, you're great at these!

i love it =]

with yhis dress up i can make my dream girl i love it :]

This is one of the best dress-ups, hands down.

I have looked at many of your dress-ups, and I think they are all really good, especially compared to some of those other dress ups out there.

Graphics- You can draw really, really well! I like all of those shirts and especially the longer skirts. Oh yeah, I'm glad you decluttered the area, too.

Style- It's just another dress-up, but then, it's better then most of the others.

Sound- I liked just having no sound, so I can't say much here.

Violence- Self-explanitory.

Interactivity- Self-explanitory.

Humor-Also Self-explanitory.

Overall-Great job with your dress-up, and keep 'em coming! And don't listen to those pervs saying there's not enough nudeness in it--I'd prefer it that way ((I'm also a female.)) Just, Keep up the good work!