Reviews for "Average Chick (Dress-Up)"


very good...
nice animation

This is the best

This is the best work youve done. Honestly, words cant describe how good this dress up game truly is. Keep up the TREMENDOUS work. By the way, mor Usher, Ciara, and destinlys Child They're the bomb sheezey Fa reeleazy.

i love it =]

with yhis dress up i can make my dream girl i love it :]

This is one of the best dress-ups, hands down.

I have looked at many of your dress-ups, and I think they are all really good, especially compared to some of those other dress ups out there.

Graphics- You can draw really, really well! I like all of those shirts and especially the longer skirts. Oh yeah, I'm glad you decluttered the area, too.

Style- It's just another dress-up, but then, it's better then most of the others.

Sound- I liked just having no sound, so I can't say much here.

Violence- Self-explanitory.

Interactivity- Self-explanitory.

Humor-Also Self-explanitory.

Overall-Great job with your dress-up, and keep 'em coming! And don't listen to those pervs saying there's not enough nudeness in it--I'd prefer it that way ((I'm also a female.)) Just, Keep up the good work!

I played this game a long time and I didn't know there was a BRAK SONG OMG. LMAOOO