Reviews for "Average Chick (Dress-Up)"


It was organized and neat. I don't really LOVE dress-up games but this one was kind of interesting to play around with. Pretty Cool.

Well, that was a suprise.

First time I actualy played a dressup game to actualy make a hot chick, and not just strip her down to her skivvies so I could get some boobage, good game, no need to improve, you did a great job. =)

He nice game dude.Erm.YAY FEMALE ANIMATIOR ON NG!

Love to see more female animators on ng. Its all male around here. Not that i care. But its nice to see a few female animators aroundhere. Anyway. Nice dressup. Keep em comming.

Its what I really expected

The file size is a bit much just for a dress up. Its not really necessary to have 3 whole songs in there but none the less the feature makes it SLIGHTLY more interesting. I can see you have a clear concept of using movie clips that interchange other than that.... yeah its another dress up.

good one

a well done dress-up game. dress-ups are very stale and uninteresting, but i liked the originality in this one, and the graphics and design of both the girl and the clothing/backgrounds.