Reviews for "Cactuar Gear Solid"

Fuckin awesome durdur dur durdurdur

Did I hear him say Gungrave? Please tell me! That would be fuckin awesome!
Great mouth animations and graphics!
Keep it Up!

He who has much potential...

Haha great job! Amazing animation and creativity! You have tons of potential. I would love to see another one of these! Keep'em Comin'!

Absolutly Brilliant Up ther with the Best

Keep it up man and you will be a legend worldwide


lmfao loved the ending keep up the great work =D


for the last review, the message says lol just kidding, and in the bottom left corner it says click me! and if you do it starts over from the part where the moogles were shooting at cactaur (about two seconds before) anyways that was funny! especially with the barbie ringtone!