Reviews for "Cactuar Gear Solid"


It was cool! I love both FF and MGS, and its great to finally see a link-up between FF and MGS. It was done well! I liked how you used real MGS sounds, like the noticing sound, but dont the guards usually investigate the sound? Or was that one too lazy?

W00tz0rs! Plz reply!

First off, Mark, this was brilliant.

To all those NOOBZ out there who think this is just a cut scene from Final Fantasy Fugitive, it's not, actually. This came first (At least I'm guessing.) Anyway, stop saying "blleehhh dis es fugitive hehehehhe" or whatever.

Also, what's the music used? It's rad!

More Cactuar and Tonberry

Whens the next flash comin out this is awesome


I love your final fantacy spoofs and I love how tonberry is voiced. Cactuar is a clown. Please make more.

love newgrownds critic,

funny funny stuff

i enjoyed this flash i hope others will too