Reviews for "Cactuar Gear Solid"

Cactuars are pimp

Furby combo ftmfw! I like how you taken two of the most Pimp and least talked about subtle-cool-guys , Cactuar and Tonberry. My friends and I would drone on and on about how cool these two are and get no lime-light from any FF Flashes. Most people riff on Cloud or Sephiroth. Never Cactuar or Tonberry. Two of my fav enemies I look out for in every FF game. Ok Rant over. YOu rock. How's that??!


this cactuar.... awesome

Short but sweet

Could have done with being longer but you seem to make the smallest of things funny as hell which seems to be your biggest strength.


this was good but i remember there being a bigger version of this, i love castuar and tonberry i wish that crazy borris dude would bring his site back up cuz i love these toons

More Cactuar and Tonberry

Whens the next flash comin out this is awesome