Reviews for "Cactuar Gear Solid"


So random, yet not cheesy. Great job.

Ah, yes!

Once again, you've done a terrible job.
The animation is pathetic, there's no story, and you've just ruined one of the best sneaking-around-to-get-to-a-huge-endi ng game in history.
Good work on your terrible work!


Enjoyed this flash movie, regardless of the name. I found that part where Cactuar said "Get over here" very funny! I hope you finish the entire movie.

My Fav from your Series

Simple animation, still those two guys and their silly antics. But this particular movie you made has some of the catchiest lines ever. That, plus some absolutely hysterical scenes, makes Cact. Gear your best work, in my opinion.

What's ironic is that, even though the casts' 2 monsters from FF7, your work has so little to do with the game itself that any other characters could have subbed in and worked in the story just as well. However, I really can't imagine the series without these two guys. There's just great chemistry between the two, and the jokes are funnier every time with Cactuar. Again, your animation isn't the best, but the sound, and your particular style more than makes up for it.

It's a shame these days your work's been pushed down the all time best listings. Whatever you're up to, I wish you the best man.