Reviews for "Cactuar Gear Solid"

This was great as a scene by itself. I remember seeing the rest later. I simply love this setting so much. It's a pity you're not making more of these cartoons. That's probably the most extreme thing someone's done for A1 Steak Sauce. Imagine what he'd do for a Klondike bar!

It's great to have this classic music. Even a non fan like me knows what's going on. I love it when he's shown crawling out. Nice sprite cameo too! You throw in a lot in such a short time.


This series rocks! Why the heck don't you make more of these?!


his ringtone is barbie


2 of my fave game series combined with a dramatic hilarious twist ending.
good stuff!!!


A1! haha 3 of my favourite series all mashed up in a delightful parody, then topped of with the tangy goodness of a1