Reviews for "The Jiggly Butt"


Funny as always but aren't you worried that cartoons with Germaine doin crap like that will attract perverts to your stuff demanding to see more butts and boobs? Just wondering!

Power to the jiggly butt people!

This reminds me of my sister, she says that I'm fat, and I shall shake my jiggly butt in her face the next time that Gap-wearing, Yellowcard lovin, blond haired idiot decides to insult my beautiful bulge! By the way keep the different angles an places up, I've notice an improvement since Coffehouse propaganda, and your insults are creative and original, and oh, so true!


Jiggly Jiggl Jiggly, It's a jello butt!

Kind of a one joke cartoon...

Though it did make me laugh out loud a couple times, so what can I say? "Your ass is the least of your problems!" hahaha

On the subject of Germaine...she has been my favorite character of this series since I first started watching, but I thought the whole getting excited about her jiggly butt was kinda out of character.

Once Again....

Never fails to make me laugh. Congrats on yet another sucessfull Foamy toon!