Reviews for "Piss Coming From My Ass vocals"


This is both ridiculous and sexy at the same time!

Im going to give this 9 because some of the double kick sounds too impossible for human legs lol

Keep up the good work!!!

PS - Is that you screaming?

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Yep, I did all of the vocals for this one. Thanks for checking ti out man.

Superz Brutal AWSOME!

Love the Wicked double bass drum! It sounds like Dethklok and that means its awsome! great work!

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Thanks man.

Wow. xD

It's like Gwar, but more metal. :O

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Hahaha, thanks. It's hard to get more metal than GWAR.


Reminds me of carcass! Good job XD

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Haha, coming from you it's one hell of a compliment. Thanks for the review man.


I lol'ed a lot :D

That's some pretty sweet riffing at 0:35

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speedmetalmessiah responds:

Yeah, he did a good job with the music. Thanks for the review.