Reviews for "Mario Mistakes"

It was so so.

It looked mostly simplistic and unoriginal. At some places you started using sound effects and then you silenced them out.
Also you have the thing with the falling pole repeated 3 or 4 times!! cmon!
BUT- here what I liked-
I liked the Sonic part!! This was sort of qute! Except- you should of animated the MARIO BREAK UP parts rather then doing a cheap trick with scale. That looks crappy. Make the theme more specified (such as- Mario spuff, or sonic vs mario, or mario cartoon.) Your animation and sounds need alot of work. If you try harder you'll get there! ;) later.

April Fools! Mario...?

hmmm wasnt the music in the very beginning of of the one movie where the little kid sings it and his face flys wildly across the screen while it shows the Mario crew doing weird stuff? Now THAT was funny.

It was alright.

It was alright it may not have been the best thing ever,but I still found it funny,I enjoyed the sonic scene.

Funny, but needs improvements

As others I'm sure have said, this movie needs sound--badly. I thought it was funny and unique. You do an alright job on almost everything except for the grpahics (and of course sound). May I suggest that you refrain from using the trace bitmap command? If yuo didn't notice, it screws up the sprites.

I have to tell the truth...

You need some music going through it to brighten it up a little.