Reviews for "Mario Mistakes"


What was that? It's not even funny dammit

Not good man.

I have seen a few "Mario Bloopers" and this one was by far the worst one I have seen.

The ways in which Mario dies were not inventive. You had the flag pole fall on him twice...same joke, not funny the second time.

Try some different situations next time. There are a whole bunch of things you can do to make it seem way funnier. Add more sound, as it keeps it entertaining.

again....stupid fuck-nut

just as bad as sonic bloopers....only a lot more gay. you suck ass and must face the jugdemental wrath of halo27 blamming your stupid ass


another sprite movie.. unorginal off the bat. i've seen the same stuff like this plenty of times on the newgrounds portal. But this one in particular lacks sound fx.

simply but seriously no but holy crap im disgusted

this sucked we couldnt even hearr nutting it was awefull like crap not funny and that was ur aim of the show but cmon omfg holycrap holy shit this is crap beyond belief omfg that wasnt so great o ya n sorry to exagerate lol