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Reviews for "Mario Mistakes"


sounds pretty bad and not very good animation.... not alot of new death styles either... basically it could be better on alot of levels

It was so so.

It looked mostly simplistic and unoriginal. At some places you started using sound effects and then you silenced them out.
Also you have the thing with the falling pole repeated 3 or 4 times!! cmon!
BUT- here what I liked-
I liked the Sonic part!! This was sort of qute! Except- you should of animated the MARIO BREAK UP parts rather then doing a cheap trick with scale. That looks crappy. Make the theme more specified (such as- Mario spuff, or sonic vs mario, or mario cartoon.) Your animation and sounds need alot of work. If you try harder you'll get there! ;) later.


I let this one live, but you need an audio track. The complete silence is painful to the viewer. Also, consider shortening the times at the end of each scene. Too long of a pause. This is not a bad concept, it just needsa a lot of improvement

good graphics needs sound and better blood

also u should stop using the same ideas to kill, u coulda used a bazooka bowsers back princess poisons mario and fucks luigi then they both die cmon theres better ideas

futterp666 responds:

im actually collecting ideas to continue this movie so thanks email it to me

not bad

you really should try and make your sounds a bit clearer. The animation has potental but the blood was extremly horible.