Reviews for "Who Wants Some Dishoom?"


I liked the crazy guy singing in teh beginning. Great job!


this was one of the funniest movies i've seen no NG in a while keep up the good work.


Hey, Evangelon you wouldn't understand SESAME STREET you ignorant fool! It was not just okay, that movie was funny, you're too dumb to notice I guess.

i really like this!!

really nice! i like your style and the political humor is always fun! good one!


I loved it! Even though i had no idea what dishoom is, i was amused by the way it sounded when he kept saying it. Good graphics, wonderful job on making fun on Kerry AND Bush.
10/10 from me!
*the squeak noise when the arabian or whatever guy picked up bush made me laugh and I have no idea why.*

I vote 5.