Reviews for "Who Wants Some Dishoom?"

very funny

I liked it, especially Clinton at the end.....very funny

well I laughed

Twisted as fuck: I LOVE IT! bravo

Make it more versatile

Like some of the reviewers have said... ask an Indian if you don't get the jokes in this. Please, I sincerely believe that you shouldn't post material that people of other cultures cannot understand. I am Indian so I understood it, but I feel bad for those who don't. Keep this flash on your site so that all Indians can come and enjoy the wonderful humor. Good job on it, it must have taken a long time to work on it.

Why was that funny?

Am I missing out on a joke somewhere because I did not find that even slightly amusing. Other than that it was pretty well made although the sound was a little fuzzy to me. Overall though I just didn't like it but hey maybe that's just me.


ali-g rox! booyakasha!