Reviews for "Who Wants Some Dishoom?"

One of the best parodies I have EVER seen on the P

One of the best parodies I have EVER seen on the Presidential Race because it hits the nail RIGHT on the head and captures the state of politics and culture in America HILARIOUSLY- I mean and GENIUS to use Bollywood, music, the genre, AND ALI G- which I am a huge fan of neway- plus being South Indian, obviously makes me appreciate the putting down of Amitha Bachan even more- cuz he's practically WORSHIPPED in India- for no reason. And "Dishoom" is just a slang term used to describe violence in films as in the sound fx they use in fights, ie kicking someone in the stomach would be "dishoom"

Some lol in a What the fudge soup!

Very silly, well drawn hot indian chicks and DISHOOM! I have no idea what it means but sounds cool. Kinda weird yet funny stuff. Cool man.

ok, not great

it's ok, but dosent make kerry look like the anti-war tree hugging pussy that he is. but it's kinda funny.

Crazy,Cool Shit!! <(''<)

This Movie rules!! I Sure Like..ehrrmm..Dishoom..or something..well..ehrm..What The Hell IS DISHOOM??.eh.. keep thinking...I Will Vote For Kerry!!


The most original concept for a politcal satire I've seen yet! Great stuff.