Reviews for "Who Wants Some Dishoom?"


Heh, great stuff, although being fron "Englandshire", the ALi-G is a little weak...whatever, great stuff. Damn, do I wish that kinda stuff was real.

Out of Place

Have no clue waht Dishoom is (maybe Im out of the slang loop) but it made some good points. Everything with Bush was funny (Cheney is Satan and Bush is a puppet I LOVE IT!) but thats about it.


not very funny at all . But it did have decent animation and graphics/sound

4 questions for this movie

Ok first is,why is dick cheney all evil and stuff? i mean im totally not cool with him,but its kinda odd seeing electricity emit from his eyes,second,whats dishoom?,third Bush is a puppet? BAHAHAHAH i wouldnt've known,and lastely,What gave you the idea of dishoom? well anyway 5/5 great submission :D

It's great.

I just have one question: What does dishoom mean? ^^,