Reviews for "Who Wants Some Dishoom?"


The graphics were good and the music was tight because it was rap but, the flash just sucked.

not very good

that was a horrible impersonation of Ali G, the rest wasnt much better either. the only good thing was the animation.

It sucks

Arrogant, ego maniacal, and several other words that are "too big" for the standard Newgrounds watcher. This movie is a piece of shit. The only decent part is when they accurately portray John Kerry.

hrmmm, pretty cool, kinda funny. ummm

umm, well, that was interesting. watched it twice. i like it. the animation was cool, but the humor, while not lost on me, was pretty strange.

I was like WTF?!

THEN i laughed my head off and scared the hell out of my roommate...