Reviews for "Who Wants Some Dishoom?"


It was okay, I guess. The animation was pretty good, but it was more confusing than funny. What is dishoom? Really. What the crap is it? It needs a lil' more explanation.

And FYI, GWB jokes are funnier when they're about how stoopid he is.


no really, what the hell is a Dishoom, is it something of bollywood movies? abyway, the anymation was hilarius, and pretty well done, exelent idead to put Ali-G as moderator.

it was good

What does dishoom mean anyway? O and to the guys that said dont go the the link of the game ya you dont haft say anything those are just bots, There must be a ton of them posting wherever they can so ya its common sense not to go to them so ya...well the animation was good the women were good looking (in style) and so was everthing else. But what was up with robot cheney and the earth shaking?


That was pimpolisous!Good job

Better than Nader...

Seriously, why does Nader even bother? He's just a pest. Anyway, this is an awesome animation, I like the style very much.