Reviews for "Red Ball and Butterfly"

Very Nice

Great job. Excellent for your first animation. I liked the smooth motions, the backgrounds, and the gradual addition of detail. We need more like this instead of the mindless beathings that the site is frought with. It was a tad long and drawn out, but that may be only because I'm used to seeing 10 second flashes through the portal. Good job, and do us all a favor and keep it up!


It was really really slow and boring to start off but the only good part was at the end

Great Movie

I loved the music as well as the movie. Very Deep


This was fantastic, a sample of what this portal desperately needs more of...Art. I liked this from beginning to end, the style is very engaging, kind of like stick figures, but far better and able to show better emotion. I liked the song you put to this, it helped show the characters mood throughout. I also thought the joke at the end was very well timed and very well used, it was starting to get a bit sappy but with the joke at the end it finished it off perfectly. One of the easiest fives I've given in quite a while.

Very nice

I didn't even know the music looped until a bit after I saw the repeated animation.

The only problem I have is that your human-character's look like they are on happy drugs. Those eyes are just creepy...