Reviews for "Red Ball and Butterfly"

Very good indeed

Yeah, it wasnt perfect. But you had a great ending. Keep it up...
or improve :P

simple and clean

like the song, i liked this, though i feel bad for that poor bastard. everything about this was nice and crisp, just too simple to give it a higher score

Excellent Ending

I enjoied this movie greatly. I might be asking you to make me a custom flash in this style, so keep those symbols!


i don't call it gay, but i call it "a bit boring".... the music was great, intersting colors......but nothing much to see......

Whats the Point?

Your obviouslly good at animating with flash, the graphics were good and movement was real smooth. But why does it have such a lame pointless story? If you thought up a decent story then you would dominate the portal. So um yeah.