Reviews for "Zalad FingerZ 2"


I'd rather scrape the lining of my stomach with a grapefruit spoon than watch that dog-puke again.
How the hell did you pull this off? You just ripped off of the real Salad Fingers, and it shows that the only talent you have is in your nasty grotsky crotch.

I don't care how "hot" you are, this flash was obscenely terrible. Never make flash again unless it's something you actually draw, you bleeding idiot.

Dobica responds:

I do draw my own cartoons just not on this account

all in all it's a big piece of shit.

come on mate,you cant be serious.
this is shit.
salad fingers should be untouched.
go make a dress up if you want cs-playing kids for fans,dont screw up a good serie like salad with guns,molotov cocktails and crappy voice acting.

Now, don't tell him to die...

Dying is inconvenient most of the time. It's not like the artist is insulting you directly. He didn't even mean to make fun of Salad Fingers in any way (I hope).

But the flash did suck. You should work on that, Dobica.