Reviews for "Zalad FingerZ 2"

You know.. this piece of shit sucked

Isn't Salad Finger supposed to be a female? here u made her a male, the bottle up the groin area joke(which btw isn't funny). And the voice is so different. I gotta say, the real Salad Finger is like a hypnotizer. This one is just another plain piece of shit. Just another flash.

Really really bad

I don't get it. How is it that you can send in a movie that wasn't funny and got horrible reviews, and still make a sequel? One that was even less funny, and is bound to get even worse reviews? How is it that you can consistently fail miserably at being humorous? I feel sorry for you. Please don't make any more of these.

if you dont like salad fingers be nice about it

The way you just did that animation just lost you any respect i may have had for your animation... you are rude.. obviously from episode 1 homosexual and just plain incapable of understanding the idea of a very unique style of animation... enjoy both your zero's from me and get some ideas that dont bite


ive seen salad fingers and im not really a fan of it but it is good, however i think its pretty pathetic for u too do this its not even entertaining so if u want to get somtin besides 0s from me u should come up with ur own ideas, that ppl will like!

You have just sullied a good animation...

This is not the worst animation I have seen, that would be a lie, as the animation is from David Firth. My major gripe however, is that this is humourless shite...and it pales in comparison with the original animation Salad Fingers. Hell, parodies are okay and all, as long as they are GOOD parodies. This one is just lame and crap.
Please try again, and this time, GET A SENSE OF HUMOUR!!!!