Reviews for "Zalad FingerZ 2"


That was horribe... the voices weren't good and it looked like you ripped the drawings, looks like you didn't even make them yourself. Boo!

Dobica responds:

Why would I waste my time drawing a stupid parody


how can any of you idiots say this is stolen? God, do you even know what stealing is?? :/

Anyway, this was a crap movie.

Next time - get your own characters with a better story and draw them yourself.

The music was awful too. Whatever happened to Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree and White Christmas? You kids these days. Pfffffffft!


the first one sucked really bad..and this one...does too...but not as much i guess....


I sure hope you didn't spend too much time on this one.. it kinda sucked.
Try having some kind of plot .. or maybe a FUNNY joke here and there.

not my thing

i guess it's not my thing. If there was any actual refernece to the characters, I'd like it. But this is just taking the image of someone elses characters and using your own story. I don't like that. Its almost plagiarism. Oh well, but thats just me.