Reviews for "Zalad FingerZ 2"


That was horribe... the voices weren't good and it looked like you ripped the drawings, looks like you didn't even make them yourself. Boo!

Dobica responds:

Why would I waste my time drawing a stupid parody

What the f*ck?!

Joo think thats funny?
Well... Matter of taste...

better than first but still stupid

better than first but still stupid and the dude in the back was blowed off his ass or as some people call it stoned

that was stupid.

im pretty sure the creater of salad fingers wasnt happy. and it wasnt worth watching because you couldnt do a job worth crap on this video.


I sure hope you didn't spend too much time on this one.. it kinda sucked.
Try having some kind of plot .. or maybe a FUNNY joke here and there.