Reviews for "Zalad FingerZ 2"


I don't know what's worse... the fact that this sucked extreme ass or the fact that its still better than the real Salad Fingers. And PimpaTastic6900 (your 13 year old brother came up with that name, huh) Salad Fingers isn't a masterpiece...its a piece of SHIT!!!!


Guess you were trying to make fun of Salad Fingers. I guess I have no problem with that, even though I like the David Firth's stuff. In either case, this was... iunno. Crap. You lose credibility when what you create to make fun of someone else ends up showing how incompetent you are at the same thing. Next time, shut up.

I'm sorry, but that was pretty horrible.

It killed the entire Salad Fingers concept, rather than Banana Fingers which worked off it. Sorry, but this was pretty horrible.


ok it was crap. best part was the kid pooping.
also i didn't see ur name any where saying that u had anything to do with this flash piconjo....


It was alright... but Ill Nino fucking sucks.