Reviews for "Zalad FingerZ 2"

I give you credit for emulating SF chars so well

Unless you stole them. That's about the only thing I give you credit for, this movie wasn't funny or entertaining except for the one or two random parts that were ok. A boring movie that is no where near on the same level as Salad Fingers. And if you think thats the real picture of this artist in the profile I feel sad for you horny pieces of shit, this person is a chili eating, beer farting, wife beater wearing guy, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but shame on you for the profile. Just listen to the voice you fucking retards. Does anyone honestly think a girl that hot would learn flash and then spend the time necessary to create a movie as long as this.

P.S. End music sucked my dick

Dobica responds:

Well ever watch charlie a. hole? My real cartoons are alot like you described me as. Your music sucks ballz


not bad parody

Meh, the first was the best...

Only because that second song destroyed the whole mood of the flash. No more Metal when making flash ok?


man, the first one was original, and kept all aspects of salad fingers wich made your work fun to watch.. But somehow , you managed to fuck everything up by making this second instalment... So we see SF with 2 friends fighting about who's gonna get the coors light.. Simply WTF... SF was special for it's unique way of making you wonder what was happening inside the head of the creator while he was making the flash itself... You on the other hand, just threw around some SF artwork with some real life every day dilemma. I don't know what happened between ZF 1 and ZF2, but whatever it is, dude, let it go. it aint funny or entertaining at all.. Btw.. Loose the beer idea... Being drunk is fun, watching someone drunk never is...


I agree with Maesat. The first was far superior to this. Somehow, you did screw this all up. The first one got some genuine laughs, this one made me feel empty inside, like right after eating a moldy piece of bread. Like I said,