Reviews for "Zalad FingerZ 2"


you could have atleast made it audible! the quality of the voices was shocking in this episode, i was pretty disappointed with it... that was the only thing wrong with this i'd say, because the graphics and animation were good, and the content was pretty funny, also. but yeh, the voice quality really let this down.
(THE THUMB: sideways)

Dobica responds:


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First one is way better.

It was ok though

i liked the first one better

this one just didn't work as well as the first one imho, that one was a good parody, this one felt more like a different series borrowing a set of characters from the salad fingers collection basically.


that was better then the first one by far keep up i good work or ill fuck you with a strap on dildo with nails on it so i can see you bleed

dude you ruined a perfectly good rock song

but other whise it wasn't that bad