Reviews for "Zalad FingerZ 2"

Fucking Awesome!

Fucking Awesome!

Dobica responds:

fucking right man high five


if you dont get this kind of humor you do not have a.d.h.d. and your not funny so go watch gay jim carey movies such as ace ventura and ace ventura 2 and im awesome

captain911 is a ass licker who likes pen0r in him

captain911 licks pen0r and knows not what humor is... So to Dobica- keep up the funny parodies! To captain911- eat some more pen0r, lick me where I poop then choke on a corn and penut filled turd!


LMFAO im still laughing.

wow that was great!!!!!!!!!!

u have a great imagination. I hope i can be as good as u one day. p.s.-- the music in the begining was so funny.