Reviews for "Zalad FingerZ 2"

lol nice

Pretty funny follow up to your Part I. You did a decent job on this one, Dobica. Great spoof of Salad Fingers! I found it funny when the little boy thing seizured and farted poop on armless guy LOL. That got the biggest laugh out of me. Anyways, Great job!!


That was funny how you had that guy with no arms kick Zalad Fingerz in the face. But still the ending was loud and bleh. Good job otherwise.


man, the first one was original, and kept all aspects of salad fingers wich made your work fun to watch.. But somehow , you managed to fuck everything up by making this second instalment... So we see SF with 2 friends fighting about who's gonna get the coors light.. Simply WTF... SF was special for it's unique way of making you wonder what was happening inside the head of the creator while he was making the flash itself... You on the other hand, just threw around some SF artwork with some real life every day dilemma. I don't know what happened between ZF 1 and ZF2, but whatever it is, dude, let it go. it aint funny or entertaining at all.. Btw.. Loose the beer idea... Being drunk is fun, watching someone drunk never is...

Hm. Are you sure it's better?

That actually didn't even make me laugh. The first one was hilarious because of the tone of the voice used, loud and in your face. This time around he just sounded like a typical drunk 30 somethin' male. Anywho, hope you keep up with Zalad Fingerz!

still funny

thought it was pretty funny, the fight scene.

still thought the first one was funnier.