Reviews for "Zalad FingerZ 2"

I give you credit for emulating SF chars so well

Unless you stole them. That's about the only thing I give you credit for, this movie wasn't funny or entertaining except for the one or two random parts that were ok. A boring movie that is no where near on the same level as Salad Fingers. And if you think thats the real picture of this artist in the profile I feel sad for you horny pieces of shit, this person is a chili eating, beer farting, wife beater wearing guy, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but shame on you for the profile. Just listen to the voice you fucking retards. Does anyone honestly think a girl that hot would learn flash and then spend the time necessary to create a movie as long as this.

P.S. End music sucked my dick

Dobica responds:

Well ever watch charlie a. hole? My real cartoons are alot like you described me as. Your music sucks ballz


I'd rather scrape the lining of my stomach with a grapefruit spoon than watch that dog-puke again.
How the hell did you pull this off? You just ripped off of the real Salad Fingers, and it shows that the only talent you have is in your nasty grotsky crotch.

I don't care how "hot" you are, this flash was obscenely terrible. Never make flash again unless it's something you actually draw, you bleeding idiot.

Dobica responds:

I do draw my own cartoons just not on this account

You know...

Y'know the difference between this and Salad Fingers?

The guy that made Salad Fingers had TALENT...

Die, die, die die die die...

Dobica responds:

wanna know the difference between your face and shit?

Awesome job

Nice work, poking fun at Salad Fingers like that. I didn't know anyone could do that. Genius.

Good work

this was funny. PS. your hot!