Reviews for "Zalad FingerZ 2"


This movie is a awesome spoof of salad fingers.

Im not into that "weird" shit. Your spoofs are awesome. I just love reading what the angry fans wrote, Good job 5.

well u didnt really try all that hard.

(or atleast i hope u didnt) but ill give u protection (dno why but please dont tamper with a masterpiece like salad fingers)

all in all it's a big piece of shit.

come on mate,you cant be serious.
this is shit.
salad fingers should be untouched.
go make a dress up if you want cs-playing kids for fans,dont screw up a good serie like salad with guns,molotov cocktails and crappy voice acting.


Entertaining, yet stolen.

Funny shit.

Yeah, it's not animation or direction genius, but it'll do. It was funny as hell, and that's what saved it. Great idea, man. I like this even better than the Banana Fingers parodies.