Reviews for "Zalad FingerZ 2"

the 1st one was way better but i still voted 5

oh btw i love you will you marry me???

Dobica responds:

I love you too matt

*Blows You*


shut up, if it is edited in any way, then its not stolen

and back to the movie, it was pretty good, animation was a bit choppy, and voice acting wasnt TO bad, but it was kinda blurry, but it was pretty good, and fnny :)

Dobica responds:

you sir are a great man

This is the greatest

I love it , you are the smartest man alive, have my childeren.

You know.. this piece of shit sucked

Isn't Salad Finger supposed to be a female? here u made her a male, the bottle up the groin area joke(which btw isn't funny). And the voice is so different. I gotta say, the real Salad Finger is like a hypnotizer. This one is just another plain piece of shit. Just another flash.


I don't know what's worse... the fact that this sucked extreme ass or the fact that its still better than the real Salad Fingers. And PimpaTastic6900 (your 13 year old brother came up with that name, huh) Salad Fingers isn't a masterpiece...its a piece of SHIT!!!!