Reviews for "Zalad FingerZ 2"

About time for another one!!!

I thought you weren't making any more.Shiiitt,I love this stuff man.
Can't wait for the next one!This spoof wasn't too funny like I was suspeting it to be but ,the overall was that it was funny.And what's with the cum looking HAND?(didn't get it).Great work so far and keepin' cumin'.--------0_0-naked alien?!?

alot better than the first one...

lol, im a fan of salad fingers so i cant say i love the voice u used for him or how much of a bitch u make him look like. U did get some interesting twists on it tho, thought the animation was pretty good for the little people, looked like salad finger characters. Also, nice job tuning down the volume because the first one was loud ass. And also giving salad fingers an m4 or whatever was a great idea =/.

Dobica responds:

shut up.


Guess you were trying to make fun of Salad Fingers. I guess I have no problem with that, even though I like the David Firth's stuff. In either case, this was... iunno. Crap. You lose credibility when what you create to make fun of someone else ends up showing how incompetent you are at the same thing. Next time, shut up.


and this fingering diet works how?

Dobica responds:

ask your mom

Well, you arent a complete failure

In the forums, you fucking suck, at everything. But here you redeemed yourself, that was actually pretty funny.