Reviews for "Zalad FingerZ 2"


not bad parody

Not a fan

Sorry man...I dig the whole parody idea, and something like Banana Fingers ep. 2 actually made me laugh. But the dude who made that had a lot of positives going for him. He drew it himself for one, you really need that. Right now, you're punking off someone else's hard work to make an inferior product, not cool. The sound was a lot better too, you need to put some hardcore effort into better sound quality, your recording is really abrasive and low quality, so try to fix that. Beyond that, I wasn't feeling the general idea here. Just didn't find it funny.

Really really bad

I don't get it. How is it that you can send in a movie that wasn't funny and got horrible reviews, and still make a sequel? One that was even less funny, and is bound to get even worse reviews? How is it that you can consistently fail miserably at being humorous? I feel sorry for you. Please don't make any more of these.

The origin of Zalad Fingers

Somewhere in South Africa a native shot a rhino while it was taking a shit. The shit was then sun dried and then deep friend for religious purposes. In the mid 1950's the shit was stolen from the top of a monk's fireplace and smuggled into America. The sun dried, deep fried, petrified shit then somehow wound up on Dobica's doorstep and thus is the origin of Zalad Fingers.

PS. If you didn't get the hint, this is shit. Come up with your own cartoon, cunt lips. Oh, and I gave you the 7 on graphics because you stole the art from Salad Fingers.

There was cum on his hands

and he kicked a car over.