Reviews for "Zalad FingerZ 2"


bad, bad guy who tries to get 5s from ur profile. personally i wouldnt be to proud to put myself up as a chick...
anyway stolen.
HOWEVER, Ill nino rocks.


ive seen salad fingers and im not really a fan of it but it is good, however i think its pretty pathetic for u too do this its not even entertaining so if u want to get somtin besides 0s from me u should come up with ur own ideas, that ppl will like!

if you dont like salad fingers be nice about it

The way you just did that animation just lost you any respect i may have had for your animation... you are rude.. obviously from episode 1 homosexual and just plain incapable of understanding the idea of a very unique style of animation... enjoy both your zero's from me and get some ideas that dont bite


salad fingers maybe an overrated hunk of shit, but you're not doing it any justice lucky i didn't see this and blam it sooner.

Dobica responds:



That was pathetic.. you're making good flash crappy with your lame ideas.