Reviews for "Zalad FingerZ 2"

firth rocks

the only thing I liked about this was how it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling just thinking about Salad fingers, actually it wasnt so bad.
dammit now I feel bad for clicking blamm.

A parody should contain more than stolen sprites!

When you make a parody at least draw your own sprites...this kind of stealing will only make this parody look pathetic compared to the original...if you ask me, this movie wasn´t even funny in any kind of way, plus that it didn´t even make fun of the concept Salad Fingers itself except for the stealing of sprites of course!...

You Fuck Tard!

You just ripped off one of the most amazing series of Newgrounds and Fat pie. Ill admit it was a bit funny but you should come up with your own ideas not stealing others.... '-_-

Now, don't tell him to die...

Dying is inconvenient most of the time. It's not like the artist is insulting you directly. He didn't even mean to make fun of Salad Fingers in any way (I hope).

But the flash did suck. You should work on that, Dobica.


how can any of you idiots say this is stolen? God, do you even know what stealing is?? :/

Anyway, this was a crap movie.

Next time - get your own characters with a better story and draw them yourself.

The music was awful too. Whatever happened to Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree and White Christmas? You kids these days. Pfffffffft!