Reviews for "Zalad FingerZ 2"


You gots you some mad skillz.


"What are you gonna do about it pu**y?"

This flash fuckin ROCKED!!! I love the choice in music too. Keep up the comedy!!!

Make fun of salad fingers more please!

The sound could have been better, and the guy had a point about the copy paste... but who cares you made fun of the shittiest series on NG and I laughed.. you get a 5.

Badly executed copycating

I gave this a 0 in graphics, because the only graphics actually made by YOU are really subpar, or badly done copy-pastes of other images.
The humour iss nearly non-existant. It's hovering around potty- and drug-humour, both of which are normally not funny unless cleverly accompanied by fitting art and sounds.
The voices are bad quality, and a lot of it was hard to hear.
While it may be supposed to be a parody, it's not. A parody is supposed to take the concept of the original and exaggerate it in a humorous fashion, something which the banana fingers series does well. This flash is mostly ripping of someone's art and creating a bad flash with it, only riding on the popularity of the flash that it was ripped off from to even get accepted.


I think it is funny. its kinda like a fucked up side of Salad Fingers that no one has ever seen before... hahah.. and to the people who give it bad reviews and say its not like the real Salad Fingers or that it doesnt come close... HELLO>>> ITS A FUCKING PARODY!!! i love it. make more.