Reviews for "Ass Track"

Continuing on your string of excellence. The face is really good and then the curvature of the body is perfect. I'd like to see something completely different from you, though. Just to see your take on different things.

XxThumbsuckerxX responds:

Thank you so much x you're very sweet!
Haha yeah? Like what?

I love the expression on her face. and the colors are excellent. Looking through your submissions you can really tell have vastly you've improved,

nice job

XxThumbsuckerxX responds:

Thank you very much, I have been working so hard to improve myself in every way. It's so refreshing to see someone has noticed. Thanks!

Its ok to show nipple when its rated M. It's an artistic nude until there are provocative sexual poses..which this is not. I've seen plenty of art models pose similarly. It' still tasteful.

Awesome job btw! All points to you!

XxThumbsuckerxX responds:

Oh I understand, I usually do not censor - but I find it easier to just do it. That way I can post it more places without huge huge controversy. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. x

someone needs to remove that star.......screw it! fap fap fap fap

This is great!I love her hair,is there a name for that style?

XxThumbsuckerxX responds:

I don't think there is one ;_;
I used to have that done to my hair once upon a time.
I'm not a huge fan of undercuts so I told the lady to just buzz the whole side. x
Thank you x