Reviews for "Fashion Peblo 2!"

Very Nicely Done.

I enjoyed this one it wasnt exactly a dress up but the graphics were incredible.

Another AWESOME !!

It's fantastic. Seems like a100+ visual possibilities, all eye-catching. Geat artwork, and obviously hours of attention: stylish,
skillful, memorable. One word: AWESOME.

Graphic sweeeeeeeeeeeetnesss...

so good, so yummy, so delicious. At first I thought "oh, just some pictures, yay..." but then after a while, I got hooked, and was amazed by the graphics, the way the backgrounds and clothing, and pose emphasized each one of the characters. I also liked the music. It set the environment pretty well.
Congratulations on a extraordinary Flash.

Nice Job Eric..

Love the art, and options.
and all the music Brings back memories of the Dvd..
In fact, Im gonna pop it on now:)

Keep up the great work man


Cleopy in 'City Scape'

I enjoy 'Cleopy', a specialy: City Scape :*, Flag and Computer. She looks sexy as 'urban' ;P
What about the game- AWESOME. But too small haracters. Only 7? C'mon!!