Reviews for "Fashion Peblo 2!"

this makes me want to keep making games! fun - cute art!

I think people Dont read the Author's comments

Just to Refresh some people Single minded (Yea its you out there!!!) the Author commented a part where is says " I made this interactive flash to SHOWCASE my favorite characters from a adventure series "Marcus Peblo" Ok so I believe The Author accomplished this with the making of this flash!! Please before giving a review learn how to do one ok! I would liked more info, like descriptions of each Characters, but overall great Showcase of characters!

Cleopy in 'City Scape'

I enjoy 'Cleopy', a specialy: City Scape :*, Flag and Computer. She looks sexy as 'urban' ;P
What about the game- AWESOME. But too small haracters. Only 7? C'mon!!


This is an incredible piece of flash animation...If the music were on a cd, i'd buy it.

pfiuu....wat a wast

I mean if you can do good graphics like that make a game A REAL GAME because this isn't a game, it's crap, and you can't play anything. Did you realize what kind of gay stuff you made when you finished it?
No interactive at all, not funny, not cool, not interesting....

There is thing that should not appears in newgrounds for the safety of the pple who are coming here, for their brain's safety!!!!!