Reviews for "Fashion Peblo 2!"


Nice graphics, but there was no point in it. make a movie instead. this will get a 5


It was... mesmerizing, what else can you do? Make a move:)

A different kind of dress-up

great idea, choose a character then chose a situation!
not the usuall piece-by-piece clothing mismatch, but completely original thinking

Graphic sweeeeeeeeeeeetnesss...

so good, so yummy, so delicious. At first I thought "oh, just some pictures, yay..." but then after a while, I got hooked, and was amazed by the graphics, the way the backgrounds and clothing, and pose emphasized each one of the characters. I also liked the music. It set the environment pretty well.
Congratulations on a extraordinary Flash.


The visuals are rather appealing and very creative, however, it comes to a disappointment that you cannot do much more than click a few buttons to see them in different forms/costumes. More interactivity would be nice.